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Thalia Miller is an eBay enthusiast, author, artist, mother, wife, and entrepreneur with strong Christian values. She lives in the middle of nowhere, just north of Dallas, Texas. For more info visit: http://www.bohemiattic.com/album.htm



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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
  More Good News: Conversion has begun!

Sounds sort of revolutionary doesn't it?

I've been a little lazy today. Instead of promoting and networking, I fiddled and faddled with non-critical tasks. If I were the type of person to offer excuses, I might blame it on the near 100 degree heat, or the high pollen count, mold spores and ultraviolet rays we felt today in Texas, as well as, the fact that we haven't had any rain in forever. Or since I tend to be passive-aggressive, I might complain about my irritated eyes and runny nose thanks to my allergies which remain impervious to my allergy medication. And then you might get me going about conspiracy theories, my guilty pleasure. Has anyone else noticed that far more people suffer with allergies and asthma today than I ever remembered growing up? Well, let's not go there...

The truth is I have a bit of a problem with staying focused. I've told you this before. Before you offer me the end-all-be-all fix, I've already read the books, done the exercises, and even demonstrated some control over this problem of mine. I'm convinced that what it really comes down to is a matter of will-power. Another problem I have that is somewhat related is that I often see a small achievement for more than it is, and give myself permission to derail. Not so good. So, tonight I'm working a bit extra to make up the pace and I'm setting my mind like flint.

What was the achievement you ask?
We got our first two sales!!!

Here's to our success,
Thalia... getting back to work now.

Monday, June 27, 2005
  Got hits?

I am super thrilled that I broke a record on Saturday with 619 hits on my new little site. Let's celebrate!

  Safelist Mishap

Very interesting thing happened last night (Sunday). I'm on a mailing list for an Internet marketer who will remain nameless. This is unrelated to other marketing projects with which I'm currently involved. He sent out a safelist announcement to his members last night inviting them to send out postings to be emailed to his group, ie "Safelist". I participated with a posting, as well as in the receipt of several other member's postings. Such is the case with safelists, which you know if you've ever worked with one.

I think that the confusion began when the administrator of the list failed to notify the list that the mailing would begin and with what frequency. So, the list became an angry uprising with threats of calling the SPAM police. Interestingly enough, many of the threats were group-mailed to the safelist just as the original emails had been. What's really strange though was that the angry people who had been emailed also sent "removes" out to the whole list, as if each member could remove them from the administrator's safelist. I even had to educate one man who was rather insistent with me to provide an explanation! An explanation for the mailing out of someone else's list!!!

So, anyway, another email went out to the group stating that the safelist was a spoofing of his mailing list and was not intentional, nor was it his doing. Personally, I kind of think he loaded the safelist script with the wrong parameters and rather than trying to explain to an angry mob the finer points of scripting, he just said someone else did it. Within an hour of the initial mailing, the list was deleted anyway. It didn't matter though, because the angry emails continued. Some even used profanity which I will not tolerate. Maybe, I should report them to the SPAM police?

What is that old saying? Oh yeah. "Don't underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." I'm not saying that stupid people don't deserve sympathy. In fact, in Texas we have another saying that applies to stupid people and it goes, "Well, bless your little heart." I'm also not condoning the mailing out of SPAM. I hate SPAM just as much as the next person. I'm just saying, get over it already! My pet peeve is with people who whine, which I despise even more than SPAM.

Clearly, the whole thing was an accident any way you look at it. So, I say we give the guy a break and stop sending out threatening emails which reveal our level of maturity, or else suffer the SPAM police.

My rant for the day.

Sunday, June 26, 2005
  Clickbank Case Study: Update

Wow! I have received even more feedback from my initial plea for help. I had chosen to take the greater part of the weekend away from working to spend with my kids. So, I have not sent any more emails out since my last posting. There truly are people out there who care, and this evening I met one when I received an email with even more advice that I'll be taking to heart. The first of which involves joining ReferralWare, which I just did. The second piece of advice was where to advertise for results and included Master Support System with free and paid advertising! I will be looking fully into this site in the morning and I suggest you do too!

Additionally, two other email recipients replied. I received another "too busy" email, as well as, another helpful email with an advertising suggestion as follows: Three Dollar Ads.

On another note, just to give you an idea of the enormity of my inbox, I thought I might mention some numbers. I normally just delete and save items. I generally don't keep track of these, except for today. So, in my deleted box from emails deleted just today I have a total of 569 items to trash. In my inbox, I have a total of 4009 items, 1820 of which remain to be read. So, if you thought that I was kidding about the breadth of my email communique, well, I hope I've set the record straight.

After the excitement this week though, I must say, it seems a small price to pay for the money to be made with the right business connections. And I can't express enough the gratitude I have for these marketers who are no-doubt even busier than I, but who have taken the time anyway to show a little consideration, and sometimes even going above and beyond their calling to help a virtual stranger. It gives me even more reason to believe. And what do I always say?

"Believing it, is to be living it."
Good night, Thalia

Saturday, June 25, 2005
  Free Advertising and JV Partnerships

I had mentioned in my last post that I'd give a few more free ad links. First, I wanted to mention that the advice I received from my experiment in my last post gave me two directions to begin with. One involves writing articles, which I'm working on. The second was to search out JV partnerships. There are a few guidelines in doing this and presenting yourself professionally. I have some documentation that I'll be delving into for this. But in the meantime, I wanted to offer my readers a link to a JV partnership network that I have become aware of here. It's free to join.

Now for the advertising I promised... The following links include classifieds, ad blasters, rotators, exchanges, free for alls, etc. It's basically a mix of efforts. Some are old standards, some new, even Beta, but ALL are free! Here are those advertising links now:



Send me One Million FREE Guaranteed Visitors

Triple Your List









That's good for now; Don't you think?
So, until next time, here's to our success!

Friday, June 24, 2005
  Clickbank Case Study: Update

Hi again,

Well, as a Clickbank newbie, I'm learning some interesting things about Clickbank. For instance, once you've submitted your product, you must first make a sale before you're listed in the Clickbank Marketplace. But they make this fairly easy, allowing you to purchase from yourself once. So, having done that, I come to find out that the Clickbank Marketplace is only updated once a week. The time of this update is not divulged to you either. I'm assuming that this has not yet occurred because my stats do not show any incoming traffic from Clickbank yet. It certainly isn't eBay, that's for sure! As you know, with eBay, results are automatic.

Anyway, this has given me much time to reflect on the self promotion of my product. My first inclination was to list my ad everywhere I could. This time, though, I put the affiliate angle on it. I mean, this is why I signed up with Clickbank essentially-- to handle my affiliate needs. Nevermind that I thought conversion would come along with that, of course, assuming that the ad copy was good and all. Anywho, I discovered some very good advertising sources which I'll list for you in another post. But I also tapped into a resource by accident.

I am on umpteen mailing lists from as many marketing experts and I got to thinking about this. Here I've been signed up with these lists for a while, some of them for a couple years or more. Most of the time, even the ones with good content are wrapped in advertising of some sort, usually affiliations that these experts are touting. I imagine some of their lists range in the 5,000s or so, and if a conversion rate of 1% is average, then they could be making some pretty good money. If they weren't, I don't know why they'd pursue it further. Keeping this in mind, I got to wondering what could happen if I could grab the attention of a few good marketers.

Initially, I was worried that this would be an imposition. But as I thought it through, I came to the conclusion that these marketers have been emailing me hundreds of offers over the long haul. I've read through so many emails it would make your head spin. Sometimes, they even send the same offer over and over again. So, why shouldn't I be allowed to approach them with my opportunity? And that's just what I did.

Since it's only been a couple of days, and since I am personalizing all of the emails with a message specific to the marketer including things I especially like about their newsletter and such, I have only emailed about a dozen so far (15 actually). Well, let me tell you, the response has been definitely worth it! I couldn't believe how receptive they are.

Out of the 15 experts I have emailed: I have received 5 personal responses. One was extremely helpful in offering me free advice, and I was even new to her list! She gave me pointers that I am implementing already and she agreed to list a link for me. One was a computer genius who was also very helpful and agreed to give me a link on his website. And one who I've been following for a couple years now, actually offered me an opportunity at a JV partnership with him pending review of my product. This was most exciting indeed!

There were just 2 who were regrettably too busy to take on another affiliation, and of these 2, only one was very curt. I won't mention her name, but she is a much older lady who appears, unfortunately, to only be interested in making money with her seminar. I would understand if she was saying that I could find all the answers at her website, or some such digital product, but we're talking a seminar that costs thousands. And this is not a common household name we're talking about either!Thanks, but no thanks. Ok. Enough ranting on her. So, overall, the experience has been very good so far.

I'm hoping the JV partnership takes off, but I'm not putting all of my eggs in one basket. I plan to email many more experts before the month's end. There are probably about 50 that I think might be interested in a product like mine, and that I feel I should approach. Honestly, though I need to take a longer look at their content to see if they are even people I want to do business with. I'd hate to run into another sourpuss like the elderly lady above.

So, before I go, I want to point you in a positive direction to help grow your online business. Take a look at these great sites and join their newsletters if you get the chance. I don't get anything in return for showing you these. I'm doing it because I've already gotten so much from joining these lists. It's totally worth it...

Liz Tomey

L-Space Design

Automate Internet Marketing

  Free Advertising

I just have learned about this new classified site where
you can place your ads with pictures in your local area.
You can virtually sell without your own website.

The site is simple and doesn't cost you a penny to use it.
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The owner of the site is a successful entrepreneur who
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be familiar with. One of his projects is called
"Adlandpro Free Classifieds".

The site owner Bogdan Fiedur has served over 27,000 paying
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The new site called Pressmania is local down to the point
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Currently five countries are open.

United States
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We also have an advanced option for super affiliates.
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to the site, but gives you a large amount of control over your
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All the primary advertising spots you sell, will appear on your site only.
Your site will display all the free ads available in our database,
so your site will look very trafficable even though you may be just starting

You will get paid monthly once your total outstanding commissions
reach minimum of $50.

I know this is an exciting opportunity and I'm sure you will get
a check by the end of the next month with this easy business.

Act now. Be part of most exciting advertising company today.

Your friend in success,

Thalia Miller

Wednesday, June 22, 2005
  Paypal Upgrades

Dr. Ralph Wilson reports in his weekly, Web Marketing Today, that Paypal has a new service to offer. For more, read his article here.

Monday, June 20, 2005
  Clickbank Case Study: Update

Well, I can finally say that I have completed the Clickbank project. I actually finished most of the work in the first week of June, but today I tied up all the loose ends and went live. In fact, if you are interested in getting in on this while it's all still fresh, you should sign up to become an affiliate for free. The pay out is 50% commission.

I went against the advice of the price experts who told me to charge double what I am. I just didn't think that would be serving my winners very well. Even though the product is worth it, I wanted buyers to get a bargain, so I charged a bargain price. That's the way I would want to be treated.

All in all, it took about a year to write everything. And sure I'm still a little nervous about sending "my baby" out there. But I think it's been a great experience for me. I'm totally confident that I have a very competitive deal. I guess, I'm a little nervous because I chose not to really hype up the work like others have done with their products. I wanted to be real with people, and I'm hoping it will be appreciated. Anyone who's been working online for a while knows that you don't get something for nothing. It takes a little effort, but you can realistically start off making a $100 bucks a day, no problem. Then work your way up and up.

I'm also a little nervous because I've never sold my own products through Clickbank. This will be a learning experience for me. If you're new to Clickbank, you can check them out here. We can learn together :)

Anyway, I have started advertising slowly. I sent a shout-out to my friends at Adland Pro, which is an awesome site for online marketers to shoot the breeze. I sent an announcement card to my mailing list. I used the one with auction prayer because it's my favorite and I need a little prayer anyway. Next, I hope to do a few more traditional promos.

I also plan on updating the gear store as I'm transitioning in BidMama merch. But today has been a busy day, and I'm still trying to recuperate from our mini-vacation to visit my hubbies folks up north. Not to mention, celebrating our 4th anniversary of marriage. It's been a busy couple of weeks for sure. But not to worry. With your help, we can both make some big money and then take it easy for a while. I continue to aspire to my friend, Mark Victor Hansens' advice to take a week off every month. I'm good for that about half the time. But even when I'm not working, I'm working. I just enjoy it too much!

Until next time,
Here's to your success and mine,

Friday, June 17, 2005
  New Freebies

Here's a link to a great package on prelaunching products. If you have a digital product to sell, it would be worth your while to download this free offer on the prelaunching technique.

Pick up your free offer here.

Thursday, June 16, 2005
  Awesome Blog Freebies

I came across a really great treat for my readers. If you are getting a blog going, subscribe for free to the WordBiz Newsletter and receive 2 downloads in PDF for free. You'll get a copy of "Guide to Killer Online Copywriting" as well as "7 Tips to Write an Effective Blog" by Debbie Weil. Click Here.

By the way, congratulations to the author are in order as she has just received a book deal for her online blogging efforts!

Friday, June 03, 2005
  Sad Farewell to Corey Rudl

Benjamin Miles Keaton, 39, and his passenger, Corey Nicholas Rudl, 34, died from injuries after Keaton lost control of a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT during an event at the California Speedway in Fontana sponsored by the San Diego chapter of the Ferrari Owners Club. The two men were killed when their race car left the track, spun to a grassy area and collided with a retaining wall. The vehicle made a passenger-side impact at more than 100 mph. The engine caught fire, according to a San Bernardino authorities, but was quickly extinguished. On-site medical personnel responded at 10:40am and pronounced Rudl dead at the scene, but Keaton was airlifted to Loma Linda University Hospital, where he died about an hour later. Niether suffered burns, but despite safety gear including their helmets and belts, both men had multiple traumatic injuries which ultimately resulted in their deaths.

Corey Rudl was best known for his Internet marketing expertise and flagship sites MarketingTips.com and SecretsToTheirSuccess.com. Corey started online marketing back in 1994, where he sold an ebook called "Car Secrets Revealed". He was one of the first marketers to make serious money online, and was the owner of 4 companies which collectively gross $6,600,000 in sales per year.

These accounts were also reported by the LA Times and NBC 4 Tv.

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