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Location: Texas, United States

Thalia Miller is an eBay enthusiast, author, artist, mother, wife, and entrepreneur with strong Christian values. She lives in the middle of nowhere, just north of Dallas, Texas. For more info visit: http://www.bohemiattic.com/album.htm



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Winners Circle

Saturday, September 17, 2005
  New eBay Scam

An eBay friend forwarded this info to me a while back but I just got around to taking a look at it and wanted to pass on the warning to you. Please use this link: http://www.robertgudino.com/ebayproblem/ to get the info on this new way phishers are going after your eBay ID and password.

Thursday, September 08, 2005
  No Excuses. If You've Been Waiting for the Perfect eBay Bundle... Well...

If you haven't heard yet, an
exciting event just kicked off Tuesday and is really creating a buzz. I

knew that you would want to know about it right away because it's about to


I'm talking about an event that has never happened before and may never be

of eBay

Here's what's going on...

Over the past 4 months, Infopreneur and marketing expert, Dave Lovelace, has
been secretly working

underground contacting some of the Internet's top eBay auction trainers,
coaches, product owners and

software developers to join him in creating the "first ever" Auction Deal Time.

:: What is an "Auction Deal Time"? ::

Simply put ...

... the best LIMITED EDITION compilation of eBay training ever assembled

for one incredible, never to be repeated price!

This powerful collection is being hailed as the "Best of eBay" and

I believe it lives up to it's name.

of eBay

Let me ask you a question:

What would you say if I could show you how to save over $260 on some of the top
eBay products

and courses on the Internet today?

I'm talking about the ultimate cream-of-the crop multi-media, how-to Auction

-- Audio Training

-- Video Tutorials

-- eBook How-To Manuals

-- Software

-- Business Tools

is it

You'd have to be crazy not to want to claim your spot in the 'winner's circle'!

:: What's the catch? ::

** It's only going to be available for 7 days! **

If you miss it, you'll miss out big time because at midnight on - Monday, Sept
12 - it all comes to

an end, the page will be taken down, and this amazing limited-edition package
will be a memory.

Go here now

Will YOU be one of the lucky ones to claim your copy?

To your ultimate success,

Thalia Miller



Monday, September 05, 2005
  Best of eBay launches tomorrow morning! ...

Are you ready?

I've been telling you about Dave Lovelace's exciting Auction Deal Time .. and the launch day is almost here.

In case you forgot, Dave has convinced some of the Internet's top eBay auction trainers, coaches, product creators, membership site owners, software developers and this includes Advanced Power Selling to partner with him in creating the "first ever" LIMITED EDITION eBay training package ever assembled!

I know you're going to be hearing about this one, so don't miss it.

:: Doors open tomorrow morning at 9:00 am ::

Imagine .. beginning bright and early tomorrow morning, you'll have the chance to walk away with a once-in-a-lifetime gold-mine of auction training & tools like you've never seen before!

To top it off, those who are lucky enough to claim their copies will get this amazing package at such a ridiculous price that even a tight-wad couldn't say no!

Want to get in on this?

Look for my post tomorrow morning with the exclusive link that gets you in the door.

Just look for the look Subject line .. "Best of eBay is Open for Business!"

This is going to be an exciting event. Don't miss out ...

Talk to you in the morning.

Thalia Miller

P.S. Don't forget -> the Best of eBay will only last for 7 days ... and then it's gone forever!

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