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Thalia Miller is an eBay enthusiast, author, artist, mother, wife, and entrepreneur with strong Christian values. She lives in the middle of nowhere, just north of Dallas, Texas. For more info visit: http://www.bohemiattic.com/album.htm



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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
  BidMama: Coming Soon to Computer Screen Near You

Everything about running your own business is time-consuming! Everything. I have been steadily working to roll-out the launch on BidMama.com all month now, and hope to see the reality of it coming together by November 1. This time, I have the help of a top computer programmer. So, I think the functionality BidMama provides will amaze everyone, including myself.

My plans for bohemiattic are to keep with my interest in design. I will still offer eBay templates and some direction, but for the most part, the eBay content will be provided through BidMama from now on. With bohemiattic, I hope to pursue my personal interests more in regards to digital art and vintage images. So, you'll be seeing quite a few changes on the bo site. And BidMama will be able to offer more for eBay enthusiasts. I think you'll be pleased with the upcoming changes.

I was also recently interviewed for an upcoming "free" ebook by a fairly well-known writer. I will keep you posted on how that goes too, and of course, I'll give details on how you can pick up the freebie, because we love free, right?

Thanks to everyone for your support. Next time we talk, the new and improved sites will be ready! Very exciting. Until then, keep well...

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