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Winners Circle

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hi Everyone! Just a couple things as I'm preparing for the transition to the soon-to-be BidMama site. I sent out the January newsletter to subscribers. However, I'm currently testing new email software and haven't quite mastered the functionality of the new system, including the importing of emails in my database. Soooo, if you're getting emails but you're no longer subscribed or you never were, please disregard the emails (unless of course you want to subscribe now which you can do here). The new application seems to be pulling emails from every corner of my desktop it would seem. And considering that I receive thousands of email every week, well, you can see how that might cause some confusion! Please, don't hate me. Once I switch it all over to RSS feeds, I'll be free of email... mostly.

Anywho, this glitch in the matrix also apparently overlooked sending out to some of the subscriber base. (Yes, I know, it probably had more to do with my programming than it did with the actual software, but I'm trying to avoid looking stupid here. :)

So, since not everyone received it, I have sent out the January news again today. There are still SEVEN days left to pick up the member downloads before they go away, forever to be replaced with the wonder that will be BidMama.

Now, on a new note: I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on what you want to see happen with the new site. My mission is to make BidMama your best online source for making money. What would you most like to get out of BidMama? Here's a list of typical services you might find scattered around the web.

  • Articles?
  • Downloads?
  • Software Reviews?
  • Discussion Forum?
  • Advertising?
  • Free Tools?
  • Affiliate Program?
  • Wholesale Sources?
  • Drop-ship Sources?
  • Design Help?
  • Image Hosting?
  • Research?
  • Fraud Reporting?
  • Free Tutorials?
  • eGreetings?

Also, which format do you prefer with the digital goods you buy? (executable, PDF, audio/video, web based info, ebooks or software, massive bundles vs. one quality item, etc.)

And finally, I'm working on a tagline for BidMama and thought you creative types might like to help. So far, this is what I've brain-stormed--
"BidMama... means business"
"BidMama... raising your bottom line"
"BidMama... where sales grow up"
"BidMama... success starts at home"

Anyway, let me know what you think.
I'm still working on getting 'er done, but I'm only one girl and Rome wasn't built in a day. So, I will let you know as soon as everything is good to go.

Thanks very much for your support.
Until next time,



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